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Квиз Delete[Квест закрыт]

Организатор: Delete

  • Игроков2 – 6
  • Время60 мин
  • Сложность
  • Уровень страхаНе страшный
  • Возраст12+

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5.0 /5

2 отзыва от игроков, опубликованные после авторизации по почте или через соцсети.


г. Ростов-на-Дону ()

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Внимание! Квиз не является классическим квестом в реальности. Подробнее на сайте.

Knowledge of a foreign language in the modern world is becoming a necessity for working and communicating with foreign friends and acquaintances. However, sometimes you really want to relax and have fun, but at the same time practice your own knowledge and skills in English.
For all lovers of communication in English, as well as those who come from abroad and want to talk more closely with friends, our team launches Quiz in English! Yes, yes, here you can really have fun with your friends and at the same time improve your communication skills in a foreign language. In this category you will find classic tasks that are inherent in this game, but absolutely all of them will be in English. Moreover, you will have to give answers also in a foreign language. Thus, Quiz for adults will help each participant more actively begin to use their knowledge of the language, because everyone wants to lead the team to victory.
Classic quiz means a certain number of rounds, each of which has up to 10 different tasks. Use all your ingenuity and cleverness to choose the really right answer!
Do you want to spend an interesting evening with your foreign friends, but you still can’t get together?
Not a problem, because you can register for an online quiz in English. Pump your knowledge with your friends!

Возрастные ограничения: 12+


Проводятся только онлайн-игры.


Стоимость игры для команды от 2 до 6 человек – от 600 до 800 рублей

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Средняя оценка: 5.0 ( 2 отзыва )
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